I let my six-year-old do her own Shein haul & was stunned at what she picked – I hated some of her buys | The Sun
24th January 2023

A MUM has taken to TikTok to share her reaction to her daughter’s first online shopping haul – and people are loving her honesty. 

Jenessa’s daughter was begging for the chance to choose her own clothes, so Jenessa decided to let her do her very own Shein haul. 

The mum-of-two, known online as @j3nessaj, regularly shares life updates with her 4,090 followers. 

In a new video, she shares her first impressions of the pieces her daughter Myla, aged six, chose – and it’s fair to say she wasn’t a fan of them all. 

“So Myla’s got to the age now where she doesn’t want mummy to pick her clothes anymore. 

“She wants to be choosing her own clothes, so I let her do her own order on Shein. 


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“And it’s just arrived and she wants to show you what she’s got.” 

First up is the Letter & Unicorn Print Cami Top & Shorts Set, costing just £5.99. 

“So first of all, this one. So this is more for summer. 

“We don’t know what the quality is going to be like yet. 

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“So you’ve got shorts and a crop top. Oh, that’s a bit short, Myla. Not really happy about that one. 

“That might be more for inside the house.”

Next up was the Butterfly Print Cami Top & Joggers & Hoodie, priced at £21.49. 

“Oh this was your favourite one, you loved this one. 

“All these clothes Myla chose herself. So she’s got some joggers with a top, and then a hoodie. 

“That’s nice, with all the butterflies on the side. That’s cute.” 

Also included in the little girl’s order was the Tropical Print Cami Top & Shorts & Tee, costing just £7.99. 

“Then this next. This is kind of Hawaiian theme cause I chose it because I like it.

Jenessa said: “It didn’t look like this on the website, otherwise I wouldn’t have let her get it. 

“It’s like a bra. 

Holding up the pink, floral shorts, she adds: “They’re not too bad, and then the matching top…and then it’s got a netted top to go over the top.”

Myla adds: “So this how short the t-shirt is. So if you don’t want your kid having a short t-shirt, don’t order on Shein because most of the things on Shein are crop tops.”

Jenessa replied: “We’ll try them on and see what they look like, but some of them might just be like beach outfits, we’ll see.” 

The pair then show another piece Myla chose – the Super Crop Hoodie & Bear Print Cami Dress, priced at £10.49. 

“Oh, she loved this one. 

“She did add about £100 stuff to the basket and we narrowed it down. 

“So this one is a crop top hoodie. 

Myla adds: “With a bear dress.

Finally, Myla shows off the Mushroom Print Cami Top & Drawstring Waist Joggers that she chose, costing £13.49. 

Jenessa continues: “And then last but not last…I really didn’t like this, did I? 

“Mushroom joggers, with a mushroom top.

“And that’s the end of her haul.”

Fans loved the mum’s honest reaction to her daughter’s haul, with the video gaining more than 144,000 likes and 1.2 million views. 

In the comments, Jenessa’s followers shared their reactions, with one writing: “They’re actually very cute clothes I think they would look so cute on her.”

Another said: “Her saying ‘if you don’t want your kids in the crop tops don’t order’ cracked me up.”

A third added: “Why is everyone talking about how short the crops are all I’m thinking is how good of a mum she is for letting her express herself.”

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Someone else put: “Don’t worry mum. The next fad is oversized everything lol.”

Jenessa replied: “Thank goodness.”

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