I have the best full length mirror ever from Amazon – it holds an amazing secret behind the glass | The Sun
26th September 2023

A WOMAN has left people shocked with her mirror which hides a very nifty secret. 

Kylie Tuttle took to Instagram to showcase her latest furniture addition, which she bought on Amazon. 

The mirror, made by LVSOMT, is a full length standing piece with a built-in cupboard to store beauty products and accessories. 

When you open the door to the mirror, there’s hanging pegs to loop jewellery onto and small shelves to line up your skincare bottles.

“It honestly was not that hard to put together,” Kylie said. “It comes with a key. I’ll probably just always leave that in there.

“It literally can fit so much more.”

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She added that her favourite part about it was the built-in LED lights. 

The exact mirror Kylie purchased costs £85 on marketplace site Amazon, but there are other versions as cheap as £66.

Fans of the invention took to the comments of her video to weigh in.

“The way little hearts appeared in my eyes when you opened the mirror,” one said. 

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“The way my mouth dropped,” another penned. “I need this.”

“I would be so much more organised with this,” a third added. 

And judging by the Amazon reviews on Kylie’s mirror, her positive review is very well founded. 

“This is a 10 out of 10,” one reads. “The best item I've ever purchased from Amazon. 

“I'm completely in love with it. It's ideal.”

“It was so simple to put together and I love how much storage it saves,” another says. 

“I have so much jewellery and have multiple jewellery boxes all over my room taking up an enormous amount of space. 

“Now, not only do I have a super classy and cute full length mirror, but it also stores every piece of jewellery I own with room to spare. 

“Plus my cats won’t be playing with my dangling necklaces.”

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