I have such a strong jawline trolls call me Lord Farquaad & say I should get surgery but I’d never do it | The Sun
29th September 2022

A YOUNG woman has been compared to Lord Farquaad due to her very strong jawline.

In a world obsessed with appearance, many risk their lives and go under the knife to give their jawline a more chiseled and prominent look.

Although performed by professionals and costing hundreds, injecting filler in your jaw not always goes right- one bloke, from the US, was even left with fish gills after an appointment went horribly wrong.

But for one woman, from Auckland, New Zealand, this will never be an issue, as she has a naturally very strong jawline, with people even comparing her looks to Lord Farquaad from Shrek.

Brooke, 23, who regularly shares snaps on TikTok, has become somewhat of an internet sensation due to her square-like jawline.

Many viewers have even speculated that the mum-to-be will give birth to a daughter whose jaw will look just like hers.

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Hitting back at the trolls who constantly make fun of her and say she reminds them of Buzz Lightyear, Brook had a simple message.

''If you have a problem with me, pop off!

''Look at what you're doing. You're pretty much obsessing over me.''

Despite cruel trolls even demanding Brooke even got a surgery to fix the jawline, it seems that the mum-to-be has embraced her looks andhas even put her username as @girlwith_squarejaw.

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''I’ve learnt to ignore the hate,'' she revealed in a video.

''im cryinnn she swallowed a ps4,'' read a comment that's been liked more than a whopping 7,500 times.

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Another chuckled: ''To infinity and beyond.''

Whilst one compared Brooke's looks to Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, someone else said she reminded them of a character from Family Guy.

''it's quagmire,'' the person penned.

Nonetheless, there has also been plenty of support, with many saying they were just cruel haters.

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''Don’t listen to the haters love. Your beautiful momma [sic]! Sending love your way,'' wrote a TikTok user.

''I've seen a few of your posts, it's ridiculous to be treated like crap because of the shape of a part of your body,'' a second agreed.

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