I have G-cup boobs – I found the best corset top for bigger busts, women say I’m ‘doing God’s work' | The Sun
15th April 2023

WHEN you've got a bigger chest, finding a bra that fits can seem like an endless scavenger hunt.

One woman generously shared her super-rare find with her fellow big-chested ladies, and their gratitude knows no bounds.

Influencer Alanna Pow (@alannapow) sports a hard-to-shop-for 12G Australian bra size, or a 34G in the US market.

As a show of solidarity with other women, she models and provides info about every supportive bra or top she comes across.

She showed off a gorgeous corset top in a recent installment of the video series.

Pow started off in a sports bra and tank top, but didn't make things too complicated for her big reveal.

When she flipped her hair back, she was out of her casual clothes and in the daring bustier.

The chocolate brown bustier had visible boning in the front to scoop and lift her chest, and a halter-style neckline for added support.

She added a note for anyone else shopping the brand, White Fox, who may want a size reference. "I'm wearing a size XL," Pow said.

The style Pow wore, Headline Act, is currently out of stock, but like many of the similar bustiers from White Fox, it retails for $50 USD.

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Her viewers were delighted, and many said they'd admired the top but been too afraid to wear it out.

"Most of the items seem for ladies with small chests," one shopper said. "Love this top!"

"This top fits amazing," Pow reassured the woman and any other potential customers.

Several told Pow she was "heaven-sent" or "doing God's work."

"You are a blessing," a grateful viewer said. "This series is so helpful."

"I needed this today," wrote another. "Spent two hours looking for cute tops because I had to return a corset that couldn't fit my hakuna matatas."

New fans were also eager to subscribe and find more affordable, comfortable clothes in the future.

"I'm obsessed with your account already," a new fan confessed.

And one woman was as happy to connect with ladies in the comment section as she was with Pow. "I've found my people," she wrote.

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