I have a small chest but totally catfish people when getting ready for work at Hooters with my bikini trick | The Sun
7th October 2022

SMALL-chested ladies, listen up!

A Hooter's waitress has revealed her secret to having a perky chest – and it doesn't involve genetics or plastic surgery.

Maya Jones, who rocked the Hooters uniform proudly, shared on social media her put-together look for work.

Both her hair and makeup were done, and she wore the iconic orange shorts and a low-cut crop top with the Hooters logo stamped on it.

With her top, her chest looked perfectly perky, but she revealed she doesn't always look like this.

Her trick? A bikini top.

The brunette beauty revealed she was wearing a bikini top under her uniform, which was cross-tied in the front to help push her chest together.

She then walked her followers through a step-by-step tutorial of how she tied her bikini top.

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First, she took her bikini and wrapped the bottom string around the back of her neck.

She lined up the bottom of each triangle cup vertically with the side of her chest.

She then took the ends of the string of the bikini, crossed them across her abdomen, and then tied it together behind her back.

Lacing her bikini top in this style pushed her chest together and enhanced her curves.

Amazed at her trick, viewers said: "Not even a push-up can do that," and "GIRL, YOU ARE A GODDESS."

Another Hooters waitress shared a video explaining how much she makes for tips, and that day she racked up over $500 during her daytime shift.

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