I had an emergency c-section at 31 weeks pregnant but my uterus was empty, I knew there was an issue, they didn’t listen | The Sun
27th January 2023

A MUM-OF-FOUR went in for a C-section for her first child, only to stump doctors when they cut her open to find her uterus empty.

Tamara McPhedran shared her shocking story with followers on TikTok.

She explained that she knew something was wrong with the pregnancy but had been dismissed by medical staff as she was just 17 years old.

In one short video she said: "When the surgeon opened me up during an emergency C-section at 31 weeks to find an empty uterus."

The video quickly went viral and amassed more than 95k likes and plenty of comments from people who wanted to know more.

The TikToker posted a longer follow up video to explain the full story.

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She said: "I had not given birth, I was very much still pregnant.

"We had seen the baby in there so it was there. Just not in the place it should have been."

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Tamara explained that she was 17 when she was pregnant and had her first scan at 14 weeks.

She said: "Nobody wants to listen to a young child when she's pregnant and I will full say that from the bottom of my heart.

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"Many people do not listen to a teenager who is pregnant.

"If they did and they had investigated my concerns, they would have found that the baby was not in the right place."

At around 20 weeks the mum explained that she started to have bleeding and pain but the medical professionals insisted it was normal.

She said: "I ended up having a scan because my bump was very small and they found out I literally had no amniotic fluid."

They also had a number of other concerns with the growth of the baby and placenta.

By 31 weeks the mum-to-be was on bed rest in the hospital because of "lack of foetal movement".

She said: "They come in around about five o'clock in the morning to do a little doppler and they found the baby's heartbeat was unable to be located.

"They did eventually find it but it was really low. He had really bad foetal distress.

"They took me down to the labour ward. Now the midwife started contorting me into all these positions."

It turned out the baby was sitting on his cord which was causing his heart rate to drop really badly.

She explained: "When they decided they were going to deliver me, they [opened me up] and it's an empty uterus with a bag on amniotic fluid inside.

"All this fluid I should have had with this baby was in this uterus but there was no baby.

"The surgeon at this point pops his head over the little drapes that they have and looks at me and my partner and goes: 'Where's the baby?'

"I'm looking at him like: 'I don't know you better find it!'"

In order to investigate what had happened they ended up cutting Tamara from hip to hip.

She explained: "They found that I had this extra little cavity on it's own. It didn't have a cervix but it did have an ovary and a fallopian tube and it was not communicating to my actual uterus."

This is where the baby and her placenta actually were – away from her uterus and the amniotic fluid.

Both she and the baby were alright and Tamara explained that she's since had twins and another son who were delivered early.

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She is currently pregnant and 27-weeks and is hoping to carry to full term.

The TikToker added: "The one thing I will stress is if you ever do have any signs of things not being normal in your pregnancy – do follow them up, do press."

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