I had a post-divorce glow-up – I hated myself when I was married, when we split I felt like it was time to be happy | The Sun
2nd June 2023

ONE divorced woman has seen the light after her unhealthy marriage.

Before the split, she hated herself, but now she's had a post-relationship glow-up mentally and physically.

Miranda's (@mirandatodd88) growth was exposed in her recent video.

And she not only looks like a new person — she feels like one too.

"I heard we're showing out after divorce glow-ups," Miranda said as she smiled at the camera.

The Oklahoma-based creator unveiled her current look and compared it to her appearance while she was married.

Her first picture exposed her in a tight black T-shirt and stripped oversized vest.

Miranda's hair was dyed half blonde and half dark brown.

"Before: married and hating myself," her caption read.

She donned dark red hair and thick black eye makeup in the following photo.

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But once her marriage ended, so did this version of herself.

The slide switched to share Miranda's current look.

Her figure was slimmer, and her confidence was back. "After: divorced and finally living myself," she said.

She wore more natural makeup while allowing her hair to revert to its natural condition.

Miranda proclaimed: "Finally felt like it was time to be happy and love myself."

Viewers agreed that her divorce was the best thing for her.

"You're gorgeous," a kind individual remarked.

One sweet fan added: "You look amazing, sweetie."

"You look great! Hopefully, my glow-up looks this good," an honest TikTok user admitted.

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