I had a mummy makeover but it makes me cry – my tummy tuck scar is so big & crooked I can't even wear a bikini or shorts | The Sun
24th February 2023

SHE wanted to feel confident about her body again, so decided to get a mummy makeover.

But after getting a tummy tuck, Amanda has been left more than a little disappointed with the results.

She took to TikTok to share a video of her post-op figure, with a crooked scar that's so high she can't even wear a bikini.

"PSA if you’re planning to get a tummy tuck – please watch this video," she said.

"I’m 12 weeks post op. I’m going to show you the downsides that people don’t show.

"My scar is super super high and super super crooked – can’t even wear a bathing suit because it shows."

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Showing a picture which highlighted her scar, Amanda continued: "I have cried so many times showing people this photo, but this is in a higher bathing suit."

She then showed how her scar looked while wearing her normal underwear.

Amanda added that if she wears anything more low-rise, you can see more than she would want you to.

Pointing to just below the top of her yellow knickers, she said that her hair "comes to here" as normal.

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"I’m gonna cry," she said, as she cut the video shorts.

"The downsides people don't talk about when getting tummy tuck surgeries," she captioned her video.

"Trying to stay positive."

"girl it doesn't look that bad!! you look amazing!!" one person commented on the video.

To which Amanda replied: "I love my results outside of the scar issue.

"It’s just that I can’t even wear any suits, thongs, or even low rise shorts without it showing."

"It’s usually much lower," another wrote.

With Amanda responding: "THIS!!!

"I don’t think people are understanding it’s NOT my scar – I don’t care to have a scar lol it’s the PLACEMENT of it!"

"get it tattooed," someone else suggested.

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But Amanda replied: "Yes I thought about that but the placement will always be high and seen in suits/thongs/low rise shorts.

"That’s the worst part. Like C-sections."

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