I got Russian lips for a change but it’s such a regret – I can’t even talk and have to carry frozen peas everywhere
17th May 2022

SHE wanted a different look so decided to get Russian lips.

Millie Terblanche took to TikTok to show the results of the procedure, admitting she regretted going for the fuller look.

"I got Russian lips because I wanted to try something different with my shape," she said.

"Biggest regret I’ve ever done this year was doing this. It was so painful. I can’t even talk. Literally I can’t even talk."

Millie had to carry around a bag of frozen peas to keep applying to her swollen pout.

"It’s so sore, so uncomfortable, so swollen," she continued.

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"Apparently they swell like this, really bad for three days, like really bad.

"Because I actually didn’t get a lot of filler in, I just wanted this shape to change so it would go a bit more up.

"But I look like a f**king clown, I look f**king awful."

While Millie insisted she's not leaving the house while her lips are so swollen, she added: "If these stay like this I think I would die, I would fully die."

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"This is not cute, this is not what I wanted," she sighed.

"If they stay like this I'm literally going to be so upset.

"Russian lips – do not recommend as of now, because they're just so painful, so uncomfortable and you literally have to recover for like 6 days – swear to God."

She was quickly reassured in the comments section, with one person writing: "Mine went like this after I got them done.

"They calm down after a few days, look amazing. It’s the best thing I ever got done!"

"Yayyy keen!" Millie replied.

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"Looking on the bright side in a few days they’ll be exactly the shape you’ve wanted," another added.

"Millie ! Sorry for laughing, hope you heal soon girl," a third wrote, to which Millie wrote: "I think in a few days i’ll be hot as f**k."

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