I got a Wednesday tattoo because I love the new show – but it turned out looking more like Gollum from Lord of the Rings | The Sun
5th January 2023

A MAN who was clearly a fan of the new Wednesday show decided to get a tattoo of the main character's face.

The new Netflix show instantly became a chart-topper, with people online quickly cutting their hair to look like Wednesdays or copying her dance moves.

But one fan seems to have taken it too far – and decided to get her face tattooed on his arm.

The actress, Jenna Ortega who plays Wednesday, brought the beloved character back to life for the younger generation.

But the man's tattoo looks nothing like her, and some have claimed it looks more like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

The photo has since gone viral on Twitter when Twitter user Thee Socialitee posted it to their feed.


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They wrote: "The client asked for Wednesday but instead got Saturday night at the after-hours."

And the picture gained the attention of over three million people and hundreds of people shared their thoughts on the design.

One person wrote: "Gollum in braids."

Another commented: "Looks like she’s about to ask about her Precious…lmao."

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Others thought the tattoo displayed a resemblance to Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson.

One joked: "Do you see Wednesday? NO, No! All I see is Samuel L."

Another person added: "She already looking for a plane that contains snakes."

Meanwhile, a third penned: "Laughing because it does resemble Samuel L. Jackson."

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