I got a manicure before my vacation and my nails were so bad people asked if my toddler painted them | The Sun
13th August 2022

THERE'S nothing better than treating yourself to a nice manicure before an event or a trip away.

However, an Instagram user learned the hard way not to try out a new salon right before her vacation.

Instagram user Nicola, known to her followers at Mama Binning, shared the disastrous manicure she got for her vacation.

For reference, the mom-of-two showed a picture of the manicure she requested.

Nicola had asked her manicurist for glossy baby pink nails with a French tip.

The reference photo also showed two fingers painted entirely white, with jeweled tips.

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However, the manicure Nicola received was so far from her request that people asked if her young daughters were responsible.

Nicola's nails were painted a darker matte pink with uneven French tips.

The white tip of one finer even had a splotch of pink polish on it, creating a sloppy DIY look.

Rather than the clean cut squared edges of her requested look, Nicola's nails were short and rounded.

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The finished look also did not include the jeweled tips which Nicola had asked for.

In her video, the Instagrammer showed the quick fix job she carried out ahead of her vacation.

While she was obviously unable to carry out the professional-level nails she had originally wanted, Nicola's DIY solution was better than nothing.

Her follower's took to the Instagram comment section to share their shock at the disappointing manicure.

"OMG, did one of the girls do them for you?" joked one of Nicola's viewers.

Another user wrote: "You went to the wrong nail shop, hun."

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