I found my aunt’s old cheerleading outfits so tried them on – I have no idea where some parts are meant to go | The Sun
9th November 2022

SHE was bored at her grandmother's house, so decided to see what she could find to entertain herself.

So MollieKate was thrilled when she came across her aunt's old cheerleading uniforms, and decided to try them on.

"I’m bored and at my grandma’s house and my aunt kept a lot of her old uniforms and clothes here, and I’m going to try them on and see what they look like, just for fun," she said in a video on TikTok.

The first one she tried on was a two-piece yellow and white striped outfit.

"It was a cheer uniform but it looks like a sailor’s outfit," she said.

"I've put the top on and it sits on my shoulders but I think it has a little cutout right here."

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But she couldn't figure out where the two sashes on the side of the top were meant to go.

"They’re kind of random!" she laughed.

"These are the bloomers and then this is the skirt," she said.

"The skirt fits pretty good but is this what they were going for?

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"And I still don't know what to do with these… where do they go?"

Next up was a tasselled gold dress, that she thinks her aunt wore when she did twirling.

"Gosh it’s so short," she said.

"These are the bloomers that go with it but like, that’s a bikini!

"It’s so cute, I’m kind of obsessed with this."

As she got to the last outfit, she admitted she wasn't sure if it was her aunt's or her grandmother's.

"We’re going to try this one on because it’s giving fifties," she smiled.

"I’m so shocked any of this is actually fitting on me but it’s getting kind of snug now, cos she was tiny.

"This is so fun, the back is my favourite part."

"The second one was my favourite!!" she captioned her video.

'I literally don’t know how I fit into some of these."

"I want to know when in time that was!! I have never seen a cheer uniform like that!! I graduated in 1989," one person commented on the video.

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While another added: "Unless your aunt is 75 it’s your grandma’s. Wonderful they kept!!"

And a third commented: "You make a sailor’s knot with those ties.. right in front! I had one in that style LoNG ago!!"

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