I followed Martin Lewis' tips for mums and saved £12k – they're absolute gold-dust during the cost of living crisis
22nd May 2022

A SAVVY mum has revealed how she's fighting the cost of living crisis by selling on eBay and Facebook and yellow sticker shopping.

Admin assistant Kerensa Robertson, 48, Billericay, Essex, is a huge fan of money saving guru Martin Lewis.

She's taken two of hishis top 15 tips to save cash to heart and it's paid her dividends.

She has made close to £12k selling unused clothes – a hack he recommends if you want to make cashand eats like a queen on a budget thanks to yellow sticker shopping – something he said people could try.

A must for bargain hunters, yellow stickers are slapped on items near their best-before dates that supermarkets reduce in price.

Her finds are so successful, she now buys double the amount and gives it to her elderly neighbour and friends as well as feeding daughter Delphi, 10, and partner, Matt, 52, luxurious meals for approximately £2 per head.

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Kerensa explained to Fabulous: "I really rate Martin Lewis and always look at what he suggests.

“I realised I wasn’t going to be able to afford days out and pay the bills. One day as I opened my wardrobe, it hit me. I had so many clothes I’d bought when I was pregnant that were hanging there barely used. Everything, even the maternity bras, was in great condition.”

Karensa listed everything on eBay and sold 50 items, making £350 in a week. “There was a blue Next maternity dress I’d bought for £40 and sold for £18, plus postage,” she said.

“Maternity tops I’d paid £25 for and sold for £14 and maternity bras which I bought for £15 and sold for £6. That made me laugh so I grabbed some other bras that no longer fitted and listed them as well. They too made cash.”

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She added: "I have the taste buds of M&S with the budget of Aldi.

"I prefer the quality of M&S as opposed to supermarkets such as Asda and Aldi, I think you can taste the difference for sure.

"I would say 90 per cent of my shopping is yellow sticker, I only pay full price for milk and cheese.

"I am interested in the more expensive things such as the M&S reduced meat and dinners.

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"Recently I bought a rack of lamb that was meant to be £12.47 and I paid £5.49 for it, a pork shoulder joint that was £10 reduced to £3.20 and a pork leg joint that was £9.85 reduced to £3.68.

"I'm just one of those people who can be bothered to look.

"I just enjoy good food. If I am going to buy something, I will hunt down the best offers. It is with everything I purchase from food to flights and trainers.

"I will only buy yellow sticker items, it has helped me save a lot, meaning my family and I can go on nice holidays and make memories together.

"Life is for living, save where you can and keep topping up your savings and then you can spend your money on making memories.

"I never take a shopping list with me I will just buy what is there on the day, whatever is reduced I will buy and I prefer this way of shopping.

"I'm not looking for the cheapest food, I am looking for the best quality food at the best price.

"I picked up some prawn skewers that were originally £5 and I paid £1.40 as well as some rose veal breaded scallops for just £1.84 when they should have been £5.

"We live lavishly for 70 per cent off the price."

Referring to her online selling, she explained how she – with the help of daughter Delphi – would package up to 50 parcels a week, selling everything from old shoes (including a pair she bought for £10 but sold for £67) to maternity bras.

“I used to throw out all the stuff but I realised that was, quite literally, money in the bin," she said.

“As the cost of living rises, thanks to soaring energy bills and everyday items going up in price at the supermarket, I’m so glad I’ve got this extra income.

"It helps we all have a great taste pallet, and Delphi will eat anything so buying food like this isn't an issue.

"For anyone who wants to hunt out the bargains, I would recommend finding out what time their supermarket starts their reduced items and be consistent each week going at that time."

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