I finally found a big boob friendly corset top, it's $30 from Amazon, so freaking cute & holds up the girls with no bra | The Sun
15th November 2023

A THRILLED fashion fan has shared her delight after discovering a big boob friendly corset top.

They are not the easiest of items to find for women generously blessed in the chest department.

She described this particular number as freaking cute but even better, it held her girls up with no bra.

Also, there was a wide color spectrum to choose from for this top that came from Amazon with a price ticket of $30.

Khasey's (@khaseycandy) enthusiasm spilled over in her post.

She shares her love of “fashion, home, and bridal,” on her TikTok.

But the object of her focus in this video was the Satin spaghetti strap party crop top.

“Big titty girls, listen up," she said. "This corset top I picked it up on Amazon. It is super-affordable."

"Look at it. It is so freaking cute." She opted for a casual style, matching it with a long-line denim skirt.

“It doesn’t even require a bra. It holds up the girls really well," she said.

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"It has these little straps where you can adjust them and make it tighter."

She was no stranger to the Amazon corset range and admitted to having quite a few in her wardrobe.

“This is probably my fifth corset from Amazon.”

Nonetheless, this particular model was a hit as far as she was concerned.

She gave it high praise: "So this one is 100% recommended.”

Amazon said the top: “Hugged your curves and posture perfectly," and 60% of buyers seemed to agree, giving it a five star rating.

One reviewer was delighted with her purchase: “Amazing and great for short girls with big biddies.”

Another was also impressed: "The zipper and catch in the back helped me feel very secure and supported."

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And this person was definitely a fan: "I’m around size 38 DD and was so worried about this top holding the girls up.

"When I tell you I was so impressed. It gave them the support they needed with no bra. A win is a win."

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