I don't want to pay for a gym membership so I work out in Aldi instead – it's totally free and people reckon it's genius | The Sun
17th February 2023

A FITNESS fan has revealed her genius way of not paying for a gym membership – by working out in her local Aldi.

As important as fitness is to your mental and physical health, gyms are not always affordable – but one woman, Shirls, has come up with an alternative.

The exercise fanatic, who posts under the username @shirls.fitness on TikTok, revealed she heads to a nearby Aldi store to tone up.

Shirls, who claimed to be on a mission to lose fat and build muscle, even shared a little snippet of her workout session in the supermarket.

In the now-viral video, Shirls could be seen lifting a weight plate to target various muscle groups.

Although the woman was rocking a long puffer gilet, that certainly did not stop her from getting in a good session.


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There were some front raises for shoulders and what appeared to be exercises for a tighter core.

''Gotta do what ya gotta do,'' Shirls chuckled.

Fellow social media users were left in stitches and many admitted they were inspired to give it a go too.

One fitness fan wrote: ''imma start doin this when i go aldi [sic].''

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Someone else added: ''Living cost got to people.''

''Trust me Working here is a free gym member ship every shift,'' an employee joked.

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''Genius,'' a person was lost for words.

Speaking of all things gym, one fitness bunny recently revealed she loves working out in skimpy bras and teeny shorts – but people reckon she's only after attention.

Sarah Caus (@sarahcaus), believed to be from Brazil, regularly shares workout videos on TikTok.

But rather than her enviable figure and toned abs or the dedicate fitness routine, it's more the teeny outfits that's got everyone talking.

Her 1.6million fans on the social media platform will know that Sarah steers clear of leggings and avoids rocking a T-shirt – she prefers the less is better approach.

Her favourite combination, it turns out, is a comfortable sports bra and a titchy pair of shorts that don't cover her glutes fully.

Some have even said she may as well enter the gym in a bikini because it would be the same thing.

But whilst her outfits and impressive figure have certainly amassed her a notable fanbase of hopeful would-be Romeos, the woman has also found quite a few trolls.

Here for the most part, they say she's only after attention and that Sarah would be the type of person to then complain about being stared at.

In one such video where Sarah was doing deadlifts, one TikTok user said: ''People keep looking at me.''

''At this point it’s not working out it’s I need attention,'' someone else reckoned.

Another added: ''Why do y guys stare at me? Oh that's right I wear nothing to the gym.''

A fan was baffled by her gym gear, wondering: ''Love her hard work and accomplishments but WHY???''

People have also claimed they'd feel so uncomfortable by the lack of clothes, they would stick to working out at home, and some have even insisted that gyms should dress code her.

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And it appears that if Sarah is after attention, she is most certainly getting it, as blokes at the gym spy on her whenever the gym lover passes by.

Despite the volume of comments, Sarah has not yet addressed any of them and continues to work out in her current attire.

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