I don’t like my rude teen daughter, she throws tantrums and can be quite mean – my friend says I’m a ‘terrible’ human
8th November 2021

A MOTHER has admitted something that is shocking to hear: She does not like her own daughter.

The mother said she, of course, loves her daughter, but her daughter, unfortunately, has the stereotypical angsty teen attitude and she feels like she went wrong somewhere in the parenting process. 

“Don't get me wrong I love her with all my heart, but she's not very likable,” the mom reasoned in a Reddit post she used to vent about her concerns.

“She is quite mean to me, always saying sly comments like if I say I like what I'm wearing she will say it's ugly. She is very spiteful to her younger siblings and bullies them a lot.”

The mom also revealed that her daughter throws temper tantrums when things don’t go her way and has even harmed herself in acts of retaliation when she is disciplined. 

Overall, the temperamental teen likes to play the victim and twist the mom’s words, so the mom feels like she can never win. 

The matriarch then hit a breaking point when she shared her true feelings with one of her best friends, who in turn called her a “terrible person.”

The mother said she feels conflicted about the situation, but pressed that regardless of how her daughter acts, she is “always affectionate and there for her no matter what.”

The mother turned to the internet in an attempt to receive unbiased opinions, and the results are mixed.

Some people sympathized with the mother, with one telling her that “it's okay not to like that [your child is a brat].”

Another wrote, “(some) Teenagers suck. … It is okay to feel this way and just keep enforcing your rules.”

However, other people were not too understanding.

“Get some therapy and parent your kid,” one user commented.

A fourth user warned the frustrated mother to never repeat her feelings to her child because she will feel unloved and act out even more. 

After reading the comments, the mother returned to her post to express her gratitude for the varied opinions on the topic. 

She also let people know that she has her own upcoming therapy appointment, and she is having her daughter see someone.

Sadly, her daughter has allegedly refused to actually speak to the professional and just sits in her sessions making faces.

“Thank you again for all the replies, even the ones who have questioned my parenting skills,” the mother wrote. 

“I have a lot to think about in regards to how I am as a mother.”

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