I cut off my bottom eyelashes to make my face look flawless – trolls say I've committed a crime but it looks amazing | The Sun
11th January 2023

A BEAUTY fan decided to cut off her eyelashes for a flawless under-eye… but “traumatised” trolls are saying she committed a crime.

Esma is no stranger to DIY beauty treatments, opting to laminate her own eyebrows and glue on her own false lash sets.

But the 18-year-old took things to a whole new level when she snipped away her bottom eyelashes with scissors. 

The stunt left people asking “why?”.

Esma was unphased by critics as the DIY treatment left her under-eyes looking particularly flawless. 

The ran her finger along the newly-bald lash line before posing into her phone’s front camera.

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However, people were less than impressed by the unconventional hair removal.

One claimed the video had “traumatised” them while another called Esma’s end result a “jump scare”.

There were some fans of her new look, though. 

One person penned: “She looks so good.”

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A second asked: “I cut mine too because of this video.

“But I can't cut the very little hairs because it's close to the skin and the scissors won't cut them.

“How did you do it?”

Esma refused to reveal how she got her under-eye lash line so smooth because she did it “the wrong way” and didn’t want to inspire others to try the same.

She replied: “Don’t wax them. 

“I did it the wrong way so I prefer not to say what I did so as not to insist people do it.”

Some viewers theorised that she had plucked the remaining hairs out – which would have been a very painful endeavour. 

One of the main issues with cutting your eyelashes off is that you will lose their function to protect your eyes from dirt, dust and debris. 

The curved shape of our lashes helps to redirect sweat and foreign bodies from entering our eyeballs. 

Esma’s video has garnered 315,000 views and almost 35,000 likes since it was uploaded a week ago. 

She is yet to share an update of what her bottom lash line looks like now and how she maintains the baldness.

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