I cracked & bought the £6 viral compressed dress that’s so tiny it fits in a purse & now I get the hype | The Sun
24th February 2023

A FASHION fan decided to test out the viral compressed dress from Muji – and was completely blown away by the results.

TikTok user Evelyn spotted the dress doing the rounds on social media after it attracted attention for being so small that it can fit in a purse. 

So Evelyn, who can be found at @evenlynstravelzone, gave in and went to the high street store to see what all the fuss was about about the £6.45 purchase.

And she said she was keen to find out whether the simple outfit – which comes tightly packed into a cube so it’s easy to transport – was really as great as others had said.

She told her 17.2k followers: “Guys, have you seen this compressed travel dress?

“I’ve seen it online so I went to the Muji store to get one.”

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Evelyn then recorded herself picking up the fashion item in store, as she opted for a dark blue shade. 

She then took it on a trip with her and waited until she’d reached her holiday destination to try it on.

The TikToker continued: “I chucked it in my suitcase and took it with me on my recent trip.

“It’s only £6.45 – it’s a bit fiddly to open and, no, it doesn’t need water.”

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The footage then showed Evelyn unravelling the dress, as she continued to lay it out.

The next time Evelyn’s followers saw her on screen, she had the dress on – and it fitted perfectly. 

She revealed: “So here it is.I actually like how the creases look like a pattern, so I didn’t even bother ironing it.

“So, yeah, definitely check it out.”

She continued her glowing review in the caption, as she typed: “Compressed travel dress from Muji. 

“So cute, cheap and great to chuck into your suitcase when travelling.” 

Evelyn’s followers were quick to compliment her look and said she looked “amazing” in it.

So cute, cheap and great to chuck into your suitcase when travelling

And plenty of people have been following in her fashion footsteps, as countless other style lovers went to buy the dress too.

A fellow TikToker called Chantal also did a try on for her followers.

In her video posted to her account @chants_coop, she explained: “Believe it or not, this cube is a dress.

“When I saw it in the store, I thought it was some form of stationery and then I read ‘dress’, and it was only like £7 so I had to get it for fun.

“I was really intrigued to see how a whole dress could be compressed into this tiny little cube so this was really exciting for me.”

After successfully unpackaging her fashion find and modelling it, Chantal said: “At first, I thought it was giving accordion that you make from tissue paper in school.

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“But then I stretched it out and it got interesting.”

Chantal went on to say that the bargain buy was a hidden gem and she couldn’t wait to style it in the future.

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