I compared the food prices at M&S and Lidl to see if it's as cheap as people say and the results were surprising | The Sun
28th March 2023

LET'S face it, many of us consider M&S to be one of the priciest supermarkets when it comes to doing your weekly food shop.

But one savvy shopper has compared several items at Lidl and M&S to see which is cheaper – and the results may just surprise you.

Tom Church (@latestdeals) took to TikTok and shared a video where he can be seen picking up similar food essentials in both of the stores, reading aloud the price label.

"A pack of six free range eggs is £1.29 at Lidl but cheaper at £1 in M&S," he begins.

"Own brand Cornflakes 63p at Lidl but 85p at M&S. so Lidl wins that one."

He then proceeds to explain that chicken wings are £1.99 at Lidl but just £1.45 at M&S.


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However, the bargain hunter notes that while you do get more at Lidl, M&S ones work out cheaper gram for gram.

"A pack of spaghetti is 29p at Lidl, but 95p at M&S," he continues.

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"Bag of sugar – 99p at Lidl but cheaper at M&S at just 95p.

"20% fat beef mince is £1.99 at Lidl, M&S £2 – that's 1p difference…I think I'd still go for the M&S ones to be honest.

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"1.5kg bag of sugar is 69p at Lidl and 75p at M&S."

Taking everything into consideration, Tom concludes: "So the winner by the tiny, tiny margin is Lidl – but are you surprised by how close that was?"

The video has since gone viral, racking up thousands of views and comments from social media users online.

"Wow M&S are now competing," wrote one.

A second penned: "M&S eggs and potato are cheaper."

A third commented: "M&S mince is tasty."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "M&S isn't that dear if you know what you're buying."

And a further added: "Yeah defo shop the offers – I had two main chicken dishes and four sides for £10."

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