I chose cute matching names for my kids but people are getting the ‘ick’ – and even I understand their point | The Sun
14th August 2023

A MOM who chose cute matching names for her kids has been experiencing doubt after fielding opinions from an online forum.

Commenters considered her selection as a bit "icky" leading her to eventually admit they might be right.

She took her original appeal to Reddit after experiencing a smidgen of doubt over her monikers.

They were certainly unusual choices and managed to alert the senses of Redditors.

"[Are these] cute matching names?" she asked in her post.

She then revealed what she had in mind.

"I really like Arrow for a girl's name and Archer for a boy's name," she said.

"But are these bad to match or are they cute?"

The response to her post was imparted in a mostly positive way, giving her food for thought.

One Redditor said: "I love clever matches, but that pair has got an 'ick' feel to me."

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They explained why: "The active, skilled role is the name for the boy; the passive thing that goes where it's lobbed is the name for the girl.That stands out to me."

She was grateful, however, having this pointed out to her: "I didn’t notice it until you said something, thank you."

This commenter mostly concurred, but did have a favorite: "I agree with this and feel they are too matchy, but I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE Arrow for a girl!!"

This reader was unsettled however by the names: "Kind of weird. I would be like 'wtf' if I met siblings named Arrow and Archer. It's kind of weird because an archer uses an arrow to shoot."

There was a fan here: "I think it’s a cool idea. People on this app don’t like anything. If you can take their criticism and still like it, go for it."

This person also gave them a thumbs up: "Love it. Go with exactly those chosen names."

But this mom, after chewing over all the comments, eventually had a change of heart and decided on keeping one of the names but choosing an alternative to Archer.

"I think I’m not going to do the matching A names anymore. I’m thinking of doing Arrow and a nature name like Lake or Flint."

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