I bought my dream wedding dress before I was even in a relationship – it was on sale for £3 five years ago
12th April 2022

A WOMAN has revealed how she bought her wedding dress before even being in a relationship as she knew it was her dream dress.

Abbey, from the US, is now set to marry her fiance and has set a budget of $10k for the bid day.

On her TikTok account, Thrift Rules of Engagement, she has shared how she is budgeting for her wedding by buying at thrift stores and completing DIY projects.

In one video she stunned users, when she confessed to buying her dress before even meeting her soon-to-be husband.

She said: "Not going wedding dress shopping because I had my wedding dress years before I was even in the relationship."

She explained: "Because my brother found the perfect vintage dress sealed in the box at Goodwill Bins for $5."


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Viewers were left in anticipation to see the dress, and Abbey revealed it in a video not long after.

Thankfully, even though Abbey purchased the dress five years ago, she was still in love with it and planning to wear it to her wedding.

The dress was a stunning a-line style that featured a lace, floral sheer coat over the top.

Now Abbey is in the process of finding out exactly who the dress was made by and when it was designed.

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Viewers were blown away by the dress and all admitted to how stunning it was.

One wrote: "That is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen."

"YES that IS THE DRESS." Another exclaimed.

A third person commented: "Um alright that was fate. This was made for you"

"Wow if this is how it is out of the box it’s like it was made for you!" A fourth added, "how beautiful."

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