I bought cute trainers from ASDA for my son but de-Disneyed them with acetone – trolls call me a boring beige mum | The Sun
11th May 2023

A CLEVER mum has revealed how she de-Disneyed a pair of trainers from ASDA to suit her son’s style more. 

She asked people to “hear her out” on the fashion overhaul because she “doesn’t like dressing her kids in character clothes”. 

But trolls have dubbed her a “boring beige” mum for rubbing Mickey Mouse's face off £14 kicks. 

Posting under Moonlight Mood, the crystal-loving mum “really loved” the style of the trainers but revealed her son doesn’t “even know who Mickey Mouse” is. 

Using acetone and a cloth, she rubbed off the character's face to give the shoes a more neutral look.

Revealing the process on TikTok, she explained: “Mickey Mouse is no more. 

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“I just got a little bit of acetone on a cloth and I just literally started to scrub. 

“As you can see, Mickey Mouse is going, is fading, and you just scrub and put some welly in it.”

The mum anticipated trolls on social media would slate her choice.

She retroactively responded: “Before anybody comes at me like, ‘why didn’t you just buy plain shoes?’

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“I was in ASDA and I liked them.”

Once the video was posted, one troll asked: “Why don’t people just let their kids be kids instead of boring beige?”

Another said: “Kids are only kids once and I think they’d enjoy Mickey Mouse more than having them plain.”

But the crafty mum was keen to set straight that the shoes were better for her son without the character emblazoned on the side of them.

She responded: “My child is autistic and wouldn’t even know who Mickey Mouse is. 

“But thank you for your opinion.”

Other mums supported her style choice, with many moaning that a lot of children’s clothes “are ruined” by character branding.

One penned: “It’s honestly impossible right now to get nice boys clothes without some kind of character ruining it all! 

“So much marvel too.”

A second echoed: “I feel you mama. 

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“Characters feel pointless when your ASD child doesn't know who they are. 

“If you liked the design without, you do you.”

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