I bought a cute leather jumpsuit for autumn but it was a total fail – it sounds like I’m tooting anytime I move | The Sun
25th October 2023

A WOMAN has been left in hysterics after realising her shopping fail.

Sara Chambers thought she found the perfect jumpsuit for autumn – but she soon realised her error when she began moving around in it.

The fashion fan purchased the brown faux-leather jumpsuit for the colder weather ahead and though it'd make the perfect addition to her wardrobe.

Taking to social media, she said :"So I bought this jumpsuit at a boutique in Tennessee called Poppies, they're really big and I love all their stuff.

"But they did me dirty and I demand an apology.

"Because this jumpsuit, I found out something interesting about it today."



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Standing up, Sara revealed she was going to show viewers exactly what she meant.

She stood away from the camera and then bent her knees.

As she did, the jumpsuit let out a rather loud tooting noise which sounded like Sara was passing gas.

"Every time I bend down it sounds like I'm farting," she said.

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In the caption, Sara revealed she still loved the jumpsuit but would refrain from bending down whilst wearing it.

The clip quickly went viral on her TikTok account @sarammchambers with over 720k views and 86k likes.

Even the owner of the store found the video and wrote: "OMG I am the owner of poppies and I am SO SORRY I had no idea. This video is amazing and you’re ADORABLE."

"HAHAHA honestly I love it, it’s the best ice breaker," Sara replied.

Others thought the video was hilarious, one person wrote: "It’s a Toot-Suit."

Another commented: "Sure…blame the suit…hang on to it, when you get older it’ll come in handy."

"What did you think was gonna happen," penned a third.

Sara replied: "It wouldn’t fart anytime I moved."

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Bonus, you can wear it for Halloween and be a whoopee cushion?"

"I literally busted out laughing so glad I’m home alone hahaha that is the best jumpsuit EVER,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "This is hilarious."

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