I bought a cute jumper for my daughter and thought the slogan was a bit weird… now I realise how wrong I got it | The Sun
21st February 2023

A MUM has shared how she got the totally wrong end of the stick when she bought her toddler daughter a slogan jumper. 

TikTok user and mum-of-one Chloe spotted the cute sweater in Tesco’s baby section. 

The light blue piece of clothing featured a word in italic writing, and Chloe, whose profile is @chloepearce11, said she couldn’t resist buying it for her little girl Tilly.

She told her followers: “I had to get this little outfit. It’s just the cutest.”

But Chloe quickly added: “However, I couldn’t quite work out what it said on the front.

“I think it says floppy.” 

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As soon as the sentence left her mouth, Chloe’s followers were quick to clear up the confusion and explain to her that it didn’t say ‘floppy’ at all.

Instead, it spelt out ‘happy’ – a mix-up they thought was hilarious.

Of course, as soon as it was pointed out to Chloe, she posted another video where, luckily, it was clear that she’d also seen the funny side. 

Chloe giggled as she told her followers: “I am actually so embarrassed. 

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“I got this outfit for Tilly and for the longest time, I was trying to figure out what it says on the front of it.

“I thought it said ‘floppy’.

“The amount of people taking the mick out of me in the comments is absolutely hilarious.

“I’m even laughing at myself, like, what an absolute idiot.”

As she held up the pint-sized jumper to the camera to give her followers a closer look, Chloe once again laughed at her parenting mistake.

She said: “Do you guys agree with me that that does look a little like ‘floppy?’ 

“But now people have said ‘happy’, I can definitely see ‘happy.’” 

Chloe’s followers were quick to say how much she’d entertained them with her blunder. 

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One wrote: “I don’t know what’s funnier – the fact you thought it said ‘floppy’ or the fact you still bought it thinking it randomly said ‘floppy’ on the front.”

A second social media user added: “Haha I also saw this in Tesco today. I thought it said ‘floral’.”

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