I auditioned for Love Island – but there was one embarrassing moment where I knew I probably hadn't made it | The Sun
25th January 2023

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to reveal what really happened when she auditioned for Love Island – and the embarrassing moment she realised she probably hadn’t made it. 

Milly, known online as @millyg_fit, regularly shares fitness and beauty tips with her 107,000 followers.

In a new video, the content creator shares what happened when she was approached to apply for the ITV2 hit dating show back in 2020. 

But it was the moment they made her do a catwalk that she knew she probably hadn’t made it into the final line-up. 

“I’ve contacted twice, once in 2017 and then once in 2020, and the one in 2020, I was in my last year of uni. 

“So they DM-ed me. I was like, ‘what is this about’ because they can’t say what the show is. 


I applied for Love Island &there was a key moment I knew I was out

I’ve cracked the formula for how they pick the Love Island singles

“You get the gist that it’s Love Island because they say that it’s a big show and goes on every year and whatever, and they obviously ask if you are single as well. 

She continues: “So anyway, I go through with this phone call and we have this whole chat about my single life if I’ve got any dating stories. 

“[Then] I get invited into London for the next stage of the audition. 

Milly shares a selfie she took on March 5, 2020, where she’s seen wearing blue jeans, a white crop top, and a beige blazer. 

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I applied for Love Island &there was a key moment I knew I was out

She added: “I thought it was just going to be me but I turn up, and they put me in this room with about eight other people. 

“Very big characters, all girls, and I’m just trying to make as much small talk as I can…anyway, we ended up waiting for three hours.

She adds: "I finally get called into the room. There are two producers there and a big, fat light. 

“And they sit me down and they’re just like, ‘go for it, go’…so I say, ‘what do you mean’ and they just try to prompt me and say, ‘tell us about your worst dating story’, so I tell them.

“They’re laughing, I’m like, ‘this is going well, I’m funny’. 

Milly goes on to explain the most embarrassing part of her interview – when they made her do a catwalk and a range of poses. 

“Then they made me do this awful bit next which I cringe when I think about it. 

“They tell me to get up and move to the end of the room and do a catwalk. Strut my s***. 

“I do this catwalk and it’s awful, it’s awful, it’s awful. 

“And obviously they’re filming me the whole time. I’m trying to look at the camera, they tell me to do these different poses. 

“They’re like, ‘okay, do three different poses’, which I guess is just practice for the trailer thing.”

At the end of the video, she reveals that she didn’t hear anything for a couple of months, and then Covid hit.

As a result, the reality show didn't return until the Summer of 2021.

Fans loved the content creator’s story, with the video gaining more than 77,900 likes and 111,500 views. 

In the comments, Milly’s followers shared their reactions, with one writing: “I’m so glad you didn’t end up going ( lol ik sorry hahaha) but you’re on the right path and THIS is what you’re supposed to be doing."

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