I am in the ‘no bra club’ – my parents told me no one would respect me but I’ve let them hang free for years | The Sun
14th February 2023

THIS influencer is being praised for her confidence after she's gone years without wearing a bra – even letting them hang loose in professional meetings.

TikToker Madds said her parents told her nobody would respect her if she didn't wear a bra, but she's proved them wrong.

Madds looked upset in the first part of her viral video, but quickly changed her tune when she revealed she's loved going braless since 2020.

She said: "I go braless to business meetings and just wear loose clothes miss ma'am!"

She then showed a video of her using an animated dancing filter as she celebrated her freedom from brassieres.

Her followers flooded her comment section with love and support – many of them have also gone braless for years.


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One said: "I haven't worn one in about 10 years… They're too uncomfortable!"

Another piped in: "People care, but they are polite! Yours parents are correct! Trust me."

Madds fired back at the hater: "I don't exist to please people."

One supportive fan said: "I’d rather be comfortable then trying to look “acceptable” for other people."

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Another TikToker shared that she refuses to wear a bra and people are shocked when she goes out in public.

Dallas Canela fired back at people who said they were shocked her boyfriend let her go out in public dressed like that.

She cheekily fired back: "Just cause I call you daddy don’t mean you can tell me what to do."

Fitness fanatic Michelle has revealed that she doesn't wear a bra while exercising, but there is a catch.

The influencer admitted that wearing a bra might be better when it comes to lifting dumbbells.

TikToker Mags claimed that her choice not to wear the lingerie has a long-term advantage.

She said: "If you don’t want to wear a bra, don’t wear it. You know, it’s Saturday, and I’m buying plants, expensive cheese, and little ceramic mushrooms."

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