I absolutely hate my tacky name…it's a working-class name with a weird spelling & it doesn't suit me, I can't stand it | The Sun
17th February 2023

A WOMAN has revealed that she absolutely hates her name.

According to the woman, not only does she think that her name is “tacky” but she claimed that it is a ‘working class’ name with a strange spelling.

Taking to community sharing platform Reddit to open up about her situation, she said: “My name is tacky.

“Has anyone here ever changed their name as an adult? 

“My first name is Tammi, and it doesn't suit me at all. 

“I hate the "i" on the end. 

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“Tammy isn't a common name where I grew up at all (New England). 

“I feel like Tammy/Tammi usually pops up as a joke (Ron Swanson's exes, that Melissa McCarthy movie, etc.)

“I've disliked it for years. But it never felt like the right time to change it. 

“I've also gone through phases where I kept it out of stubbornness, because I didn't want to seem ashamed of having a working class name (cutesy alternative spelling).

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“I've never really settled into it, and I'm ready to just cast it off the next time that I change jobs. 

“Has anyone else done this in their late twenties? Did people find it weird?”

The woman went on to question what she would name herself if she did decide to change her moniker.

She added: “AND, what do I name myself? I've been thinking of taking Christine, which is my middle name and my mother's name. 

“Drawback: That would obviously give me exactly the same name as my mother. 

“I don't want to give my last name here, but it's two syllables long, starting with a "j" sound and ending in "Ron".

“I'd appreciate any advice!”

Reddit users were quick to flood the comments with their advice for the woman.

One person said: “I think that if you don't love your name you should change it. 

“Life is way too short to go through it with a name that you hate.

“I'll be honest, I don't love Tammy, especially not with an i. 

“Are there any names that you are drawn to that feel more like you? 

“We can help you figure that out if it's something you are serious about.”

Another added: “I started going by my middle name when I was in my early 20s, which was easy because I was living away from home and making a fresh start. 

“Getting people who knew me by my first name on board with it has been harder, but I have also made it harder for myself by not standing up for myself about what I want to be called. 

“Unfortunately people do seem to find it strange when you change what you are called, and some will want to challenge or resist it, though I honestly can't understand why. 

“My advice though is to choose what you want to be called, what feels right to you, and be open and firm about it being what you want.” 

The woman later noted: “I'm not going to go with a longer version of my current name. 

“I don't want people nicknaming me Tammi, and I don't like the "Tam" sound in general I think. 

“This has been really helpful for coming up with patterns that I like or don't like. 

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“For example, no more than two syllables, no "am" sounds. I

“'d like something relatively classic that I'm pretty sure won't trend for kids anytime soon. Things like that.”

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