How to keep warm this winter for £20 without turning the heating on & it means no more chilly nights in front of the TV | The Sun
11th October 2023

A SUPER saver has shared how she will be keeping warm this winter, without needing to turn the heating on.

A money-saving whizz, who is known as ‘The Duchess of Thrift’ explained that thanks to her ‘genius’ heated blanket hack, there will be no more chilly nights in front of the TV.

Sharing her quick trick online, the bargain hunter shared a clip on social media and said: “So, let me show you what I'm gonna do with my single electric blanket. 

“With heated throws, if you want a Silentnight one or something with a British Kitemark, where you know it's gonna be safe to be plugged in for hours, are quite pricey. They range from £40 to £49.99.

“You can buy loads of cheap, Chinese imported ones, they’re a little bit cheaper, ranging from about £30 up to £50.”

The woman then revealed that she nabbed her heated blanket for just £20, as she added: “Some of the Silentnight ones online are a lot more expensive.

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“This was only £20, so it doesn't look perfect, but what I discovered last year when it was freezing is that sitting on the blanket makes you warmer than sitting with it over you."

The woman then put the blanket over her sofa, as she continued: “So I'm gonna put this one on my big sofa. I’ve put a blanket down first in case it marks the sofa.”

“I've looped it over the cushions and I covered it with a blanket.

“So that will keep you warmer in winter.  

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“I know it looks a bit funny with a blanket on and that, but you know what? If that's the difference between having a perfect looking living room and staying warmer in winter for absolutely pennies, I'll take this option. 

“I've switched it on and the heat is rising and it's a beautiful, toasty sofa.”

The money-saving whizz later added: “It's lovely and toasty, the cats like it.

“Loads cheaper than heating and soooo toasty.”

The TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @duchessofthrift, has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly amassed almost 10,000 in just 15 hours. 

Social media users were impressed with the cheap hack and many took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “Brilliant idea! My house is baltic in the winter. Getting one for my sofa!”

Another added: “Brilliant idea.”

A third commented: “Genius.”

Meanwhile, someone else shared: “This, along with a nice blanket and a hot water bottle will save you so much money!! Gas companies aren't getting my cash!”

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To this, the savvy saver responded: “I'm exactly the same, no heating last winter and I'm doing the same this year.” 

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