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6th December 2022

DUSTING is a dreary chore that must be done.

But there is nothing worse than waking up the next morning and seeing dust has already collected on the surfaces that you've cleaned – luckily there are some ways to prevent this.

How to remove dust from surfaces?

Dust can be annoying to remove but there are plenty of cheap and simple ways to do this – including one special hack for cleaning dust of the ceiling without showering yourself in muck.

All you need to help is a pillow case.

Simply place the opening of the case over a blade and slide fully over it.

The dirt will cling to the inside of the case and not be wafted over the room.

Tips for dusting:

  • Use a top-down approach, dusting higher objects first before moving down.
  • Dust in an 'S' motion instead of a circular one – the circular motion can cause dust to redistribute.
  • Keep clutter out of your home.
  • Use a microfiber cloth or duster to easily catch dirt particles.
  • Vacuum regularly.

    Cleaning hacks and tips

    Here are some tips to help you clean your home like a pro:

    • How to clean your washing machine in a few easy steps
    • Keep on top of cleaning your oven regularly
    •  Clean your shower to ensure it's always sparkling
    • How to clean your microwave using cheap household items
    • Here's how to get rid of that nasty limescale in your kettle
    • You're cleaning your carpet all wrong – here's how to get it spotless again in no time
    • Unblock a toilet without a plunger
    • Clean your fabric or leather sofa in a few easy steps
    • If you haven't cleaned your mattress in ages, here's how
    • Steps to cleaning your dishwasher to leave it looking brand new
    • This is how to clean mirrors and windows without streaking
    • Keep your toilet clean in four easy steps
    • Give your TV screen a once-over
    • Did you know your Venetian, Roman, vertical, or roller blinds also need cleaning?
    • Deep-clean your fridge in five simple steps

    Top tips from the experts: 

    • Use a lint roller for items that were more difficult to dust like lampshades.
    • Line tall shelving units with newspaper to prevent dust build up.
    • Take off your shoes at entry to avoid dust entering your home.
    • try making your own dust repellent from combination of oil, washing up liquid, vinegar, water, and lemon extract.
    • Rather than using a dry cloth on your cabinets and cupboards in each room, it’s important to dampen the cloth.

    How to stop dust collecting on surfaces straight after I've cleaned?

    The best thing to use to avoid dust collecting is a fabric softener sheet.

    These handy sheets can even keep dust from building up on static electronics items, including TVS and computer screens.

    They reduce static cling and also can wipe away any built-up dust that has already gathered there.

    The handy items can also be used for wiping blinds and any surface that frequently attracts dust.




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    How to get rid of dust mites?

    Dust mites can pile up in your bedding and any furniture with fabric if it is not cleaned regularly.

    To reduce dust mites, make sure to wash your bedding once every week at least, the latest being two weeks.

    Another tip is removing wall-to-wall carpeting and reducing the temperature in your home.

    The hotter your house, the more dust mites you are likely to attract.

    Dust mites also really love humidity, so make sure to keep the air flowing with a fan and maybe open a window or two.

    To kill dust mites, natural oil are the ways.

    You can mix a few drops of oil with baking soda and sprinkle them over fabric surfaces which were invaded by dust mites.

    You can leave it for at least an hour and then just vacuum it up to remove it.

    Consider purchasing a filter. A high-efficiency particulate air filter trap tiny particles — including pollen, pet dander and dust mites — so that you’re less likely to breath them in.



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