Here’s how to cut your Christmas cake so it stays fresher for longer
9th December 2018

Well, it turns out that's the WORST thing you can do if you're not planning on munching the whole thing in one sitting.

There's actually a simply way to cut a cake to ensure it maintains its freshness, which has been revealed on the YouTube account Numberphile.

The five minute long video explains the scientific technicalities of slicing your cake that breaks from the norm, and why it benefits us to do so.

The standard method of cutting a small wedge and leaving the rest of it covered or popping it in the fridge is counterproductive for prolonging the life of the cake, as it lets the "exposed" bit dry out.

The Numberphile video refers to an old issue of Nature magazine from 1906, which details how the traditional method of cutting a cake is incorrect.

With a round cake, a slice should be cut directly across the centre, enabling you to push together the rest of the cake and secure it with an elastic band to maintain moisture.

It is then possible to cut across the cake in the middle horizontally again, before pushing the remaining four triangular sections together.

It's literally the gift that keeps on giving.

The December 1906 issue of Nature magazine shows how a cake should actually be cut


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