Heartbroken woman desperate to understand her granddad’s final words asks people to decipher his messy note
23rd April 2021

THERE'S no easy way to say goodbye to a loved one – but most mourning families can take comfort in knowing their final words.

However, the same can't be said for this heartbroken woman who has turned to the internet for help deciphering the note her late grandfather wrote to her.

Posting on a private Facebook group, the grieving woman wrote: "Is there anyone that can make out what this says?

"It’s really important to me so please no jokes, I just would do anything I know what my grandads last words to me were…"

In just over 16 hours, the post racked up thousands of "likes" and comments as well-meaning members of the group tried to make out the words.

Overall, the majority of people were convinced the note said: "It's nearly time to rest. Granddad."

"I am so so sorry for your loss," one replied. "I’m reading as 'it’s nearly time to go' as well."

Another added: "Either it’s, 'It’s nearly time to go Grandad' or 'It’s nearly time for goodbye.' I see both so could be either. So sorry for your loss hun!"

"Oh this made me cry so hard, I'm so sorry," a third wrote. "Definitely looks like 'its nearly time to go, grandad'. Aw man I'm so sorry!"

A fourth responded: "'It’s nearly time to stop. Grandad.' My heart physically hurts for you. The pain is something you’ll never get over. Sending you so much love and light."

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