Hailey Baldwin Amped Up Her Monochromatic Look by Hiding an Urban Outfitters Tee Underneath
21st December 2018

Hailey Stepped Out in an All-Yellow Outfit (Save For Her White Kicks)

Leave it to Hailey Baldwin to make a simple coffee run look like a runway show. Whereas I typically opt for run-down sweatpants and an old high school hoodie while dashing out for cold brew, Hailey struck the perfect balance of comfy and chic while getting her caffeine fix in LA on Thursday. The 22-year-old model paired a cozy yellow sweater with matching Cotton Citizen joggers and finished the monochromatic ensemble with chunky Chloé sneakers and gold hoop earrings.

Because this is California we’re talking about, and the sun is practically always shining [insert jealous eye rolls here], Hailey later shed her sweater to reveal that she was wearing a TBT-worthy graphic tee underneath. An oversize t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, Hailey’s $39 top paid tribute to Snoop Dogg, with photos of his face plastered across the front. Um, coolest coffee run outfit ever?! We think yes. Keep reading to feel inspired by Hailey’s #OOTD and score her exact Snoop Dogg shirt, which is still in stock at Urban Outfitters. Now please excuse me while I blast “Gin and Juice” for old time’s sake.

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