Gardening fans rave about free hack to stop slugs munching on your plants… and it's with something you moan about | The Sun
30th April 2023

GREEN fingered Brits are raving about a free hack that’ll stop slugs and snails eating your plants.

You’ve probably tried a range of pellets, egg shells and salt to keep the pests away from your stalks.

But the secret to saving your plants might just be your dog.

According to a number of vegetable gardeners, dog hair is the perfect repellent for pesky slugs and snails.

Jacqueline Mann said: “Dog hair. It really works. 

“I guess any hair works but we have dog floof in abundance. 

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“Plus, the little birds come and take it for their nests.

“Just put dog hair down as a 'mulch' and the slimers seem to roll on by.”

Karen Adams added: “Snails don’t like going over dog hair so it stops them getting to the plants”.

The most common suggestion was to create a ring of dog hair around the stem of your plants.

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If any slimers get caught in the hair, you can dispose of it and put a fresh ring down. 

The idea was posted in Facebook group Veg Gardening UK along with suggestions of using coffee ground, egg shells and a beer trap.

Fans of the dog hair trick stressed that it should only be done using dog hair that has naturally come out either through moulting or brushing. 

It mimics the traditional method of ringing lamb wool around plants to stop slugs and snails getting to them – except it’s free and easier to get your hands on. 

Gardeners are turning their backs on slug pellets due to the knock on effect they have on other wildlife.

Aaron Devlin urged: “For the love of God, please do not use slug pellets. 

“You will kill every hedgehog in the area. 

“Whatever eats the dead hedgehogs will also get poisoned.”

Jenny Fleming echoed: “Slug pellets are not good for other wildlife that eat the slugs.”

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