Fashion fan shares the very easy way she gets her tops to stop gaping round the boobs – and it only takes seconds | The Sun
23rd March 2023

A FASHIONISTA has shared the clever way she ensures she never gets gaping holes around the boobs of her tops. 

We’ve all been where Lexie is; you’ve just bought a buttoned top only to find that there are unwanted holes where your bra can be peaked through. 

More often than not, you’d probably change out of the top and opt for something you feel fits a bit better. 

But TikTok user @lexietucker_ has found the ultimate hack to stop these gaping holes from ruining an outfit… and it only takes moments to fix. 

“I have a quick little fashion hack for you ‘cause I tried on this bodysuit and we had an issue,” she explained at the start of her TikTok clip. 

Wearing a nude-coloured bodysuit paired with some high-waisted white trousers, Lexie pointed to the spot between her two top buttons. 


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“We had it [the issue] down here too,” she continued as she pointed to the second buttons, “but I fixed it using this little contraption here.” 

Leaning forward with the green device, she explained “this is the micro stitch gun” before insisting that it is not a clothing tag gun.

She then lifted her shirt and flattened the gaping hole before stitching the two pieces of fabric together with the gun. 

Standing back to show off the results, she said: “Look how easy that is! So this is like if you’re in a pinch and you need something to work…

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“Obviously I just need to size up in this bodysuit but if you are needing to wear it right then, this works great.” [sic] 

Lexie added that it works for button up blouses and doesn’t damage the material. 

“Best fashion hack EVER!” she added in the caption. 

The gun itself sells for £35 on Amazon and has over 100 four-star reviews with people raving about how easy it is. 

Impressed with Lexie’s hack, people flocked to the comments to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “this is brilliant. Thanks for sharing”. [sic] 

Another asked: “So can you remove the stitch without damaging the material?”

Lexie replied: “yes a quick snip with scissors and it’s gone”. [sic] 

Sharing an alternative, another person said: “Hollywood double sided tape is another great option too works like a charm. Been using them for years!” [sic] 

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