Expert reveals simple mistakes which make your Christmas tree look tacky – from 'cheap baubles' to colourful fairylights
2nd December 2019

THERE'S no denying that how you decorate your Christmas tree depends on your own personal taste… or your children's personal taste for that matter.

That said, a design expert has now revealed the biggest mistakes which will instantly make your tree look "tacky" – and the best part is, they're incredibly easy to avoid.

Tinsel Overload

Speaking to Femail, Australian design expert Carlene Duffy claims that covering your tree in tinsel will instantly make it look overdone.

She said: "The problem with tinsel is that it tends to be attention-seeking and makes the process of carefully curating your ornaments almost futile."

Instead of covering every branch with a different colour of tinsel, Carlene recommended using it as sparingly as possible or adding ribbon bows or paper bunting instead.

Alternatively, the expert claimed that avoiding tinsel altogether is another way to let your baubles "shine".

Avoid Cheap Baubles

We get it – it might feel almost impossible to resist that huge pack of baubles that were on offer in the Black Friday sales.

But according to this design expert, it's worth buying a variety of different ornaments to add variety to your tree.

Carlene said: "Tree decorations can now be found well beyond the supermarket variety with homeware retailers supplying a wide range of ornaments to their house-proud clientele."

What's more, the expert also recommends replacing the hooks on your baubles with wire which can "mould" into the branches and create a chic overall effect.

Resist multi-coloured fairylights

It might be tempting to cover your tree in countless different sets of fairy-lights – but Carlene claims this is a surefire way to make it look "garish".

In order to achieve a more understated look, the expert recommends buying one type of string lights that you wouldn't normally consider to be festive – such as paper lanterns or plain fairylights.

Pick one colour theme and stick to it

By their very nature, Christmas trees usually tend to be bright and colourful.

However, Carlene insists that picking one colour palette for your tree will make it look more sophisticated overall.

On the one hand, this could mean carefully selecting festive reds and greens or taking inspiration from Catherine Tyldesley and Vicky Pattison by sticking to greys and whites.

For more festive inspiration, Primark is selling a £10 Mickey Mouse advent calendar stuffed with Disney baubles.

And B&M is selling LOL Surprise Christmas tree baubles – and they cost just £2 each.

Plus kids can now get a personal message from Father Christmas by chatting to Alexa.

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