Diana knew Camilla & Charles ‘were true love’ & did Panorama chat as she feared gagging clause in divorce, it is claims
10th November 2020

PRINCESS Diana knew that Prince Charles and Camilla “were true love” and did the Panorama interview as she “feared a gagging clause in her divorce”, it is claimed. 

Royal correspondent Jennie Bond said on Lorraine this morning that Diana “wanted to get her story out there” when she did the bombshell 1995 interview with Martin Bashir. 

Jennie said that Diana told her most of the information she revealed in the Panorama tell-all chat five months earlier. 

The royal commentator claims that Diana also thought that Charles and Camilla were a “true love match.”

Diana is also said to have told Jennie that she feared a “gagging clause in her divorce”, and so agreed to the interview with Martin. 

Jennie said today: “She'd told me an awful lot that was in Panorama five months before, we had a long meeting, just the two of us at Kensington Palace in her sitting room. 

“And so what was in Panorama was largely known to me, but she asked me to keep it in confidence.

“I've got notebooks of that meeting… it is June '95 and right at the time I've written, ‘She says there was always from day one, three people in the marriage. She means Camilla.’

“‘She says she now understands that the relationship between Charles and Camilla was and is one of true love and it was always going to be stronger than any marriage Charles might've made.’

“So she was very forthcoming in that interview with me but she asked me, annoyingly I have to say, to keep it confidential.

“The very fact that she did tell me so much information before… I think she was kind of ready for this story to come out.”

Jennie added: “I asked her a year later, why did you do Panorama and she said ‘I felt that divorce was looming, it was going to be inevitable, and I thought there was going to be a gagging clause. 

“‘I wanted to get my side of the story out. [Martin] was there at the right time and at the right place.’”

Diana and Charles got divorced on August 28, 1996 after marrying on July 29, 1981. 

This comes as Diana’s brother has shared his handwritten notes which allegedly show the 32 smears that tricked her into a BBC interview with Martin Bashir.

The astonishing lies, noted down by Earl Spencer, were used by the journalist in order to secure the exclusive interview with the royal, the Daily Mail reports.

BBC was forced into an apology over claims that two forged bank statements were used to secure the historic 1995 scoop. 

The broadcaster told the Mail that a “robust” investigation would be opened – and promised it would have “the appropriate independence”. 

In a record of the interview, seen by the Mail, Earl Spencer details Bashir’s extraordinary web of lies – which he hawked at a meeting with Diana and her brother at a flat in London on September 19, 1995.

The notes reveal that Bashir falsely claimed that Diana’s private correspondence was being opened, her phone tapped and her car tracked.

Mr Bashir also claimed to Diana that her bodyguard was plotting against her – and that her close friends were betraying her. 

The institution eventually launched its own investigation into the faked document which concluded in April 1996 that: "The BBC has been able, independently, to verify that these documents were put to no use which had any bearing, direct or indirect, on the Panorama interview with the Princess of Wales."

But renewed publicity around the 25th anniversary of the interview and the airing again of the claims against Bashir, has prompted Earl Spencer to take up the case again.

Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997, after suffering fatal injuries in a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris.

Her companion Dodi Fayed and driver and security guard Henri Paul were also killed in the crash.

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