Daughter proudly reveals her new inking after her mum warned her to not get a ‘tramp stamp’ – but it totally backfires | The Sun
20th February 2023

A YOUNG ink fan took to TikTok to proudly show off her new tattoo – but the reaction wasn't quite the one she had anticipated.

Before heading out to get an inking, Millie Whitbread had been warned by her mother to not get a 'tramp stamp'.

But like most young adults, Millie, from Barnsley, chose to ignore her mum's advice and came back home with a tattoo on her lower back.

The new inking, she revealed on TikTok, was the word ''Unforgettable'' in a small print.

Although it's not know what the mother's reaction was, one thing's for sure – people on social media were anything but impressed, and the video totally backfired.

Thousands flocked to comments to share their thoughts on Millie's fresh tattoo, with some saying it looked cheap.


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One critic reckoned: ''the ones that say unforgettable are so tacky.''

Someone else chuckled: ''Forgettable*.''

''Unforgettable bc [because] it looks like dehydrated space food,''a third was in hysterics.

''Won’t be able to read that after my 8th pint,'' another meanie added.

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Fortunately for the young beauty fan, it wasn't all negative, as one supportive viewer insisted: ''All these boys in the comments knowing they don’t stand a chance to find out.''

Speaking of tattoos, one woman was recently emotional after her new neck inking changed the shape of her face – and that's not the worst of it.

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Looking to drastically change her appearance, one beauty fan, known as SpaceAtMidnight on TikTok, decided to have her neck inked pitch black – but it didn't quite go according to plan.

Close to tears over how the new feature looked, the woman, believed to be from the US, took to social media to seek advice – and comforting words.

''It's not finished, it's supposed to go gradient and down lower, and I'm having a whole entire identity crisis.

''It slightly alters the shape of my face,'' the ink fan demonstrated in the now-viral video.

''I feel like […] it's not me.''

To those who insisted she should've seen this coming when getting such a bold tattoo, the beauty enthusiast said she had painted it on ''so many times'' without any issues.

Her guess was that the tattoo artist had gone slightly over her jawline and the ink had ended up on her face, making it look smaller and rounder.

Horrified at the fail, she added: ''I feel like my face is smothering into my neck.

''I'm just having a hard time coming to terms with this,'' the tattoo lover was emotional, desperately seeking help from social media users.

''Please tell me good news because I need it.''

But unfortunately, people did not have anything pleasant to say about the disaster – some even reckoned it looked like beard.

One mortified TikTok fan said: ''why did this make me feel claustrophobic.''

Another begged: ''tattoo removal. i can’t believe she did that to you.''

''you are correct sorry,'' someone else added.

However, others insisted the neck was simply swollen, like this person who commented: ''Breath in and let go. This has happened, it will look better when the swelling goes down.

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