Dating expert claims all women are a 'little bit gay' – so do YOU agree with her?
7th August 2021

WHEN it comes to figuring out your sexual preferences, Jana Hocking is a fan of a method that involves long lunches, your best girlfriends and copious amounts of alcohol.

The dating expert believes this kind of setting is the perfect environment for women to open up about their sexuality – which is often much more fluid than men realise.

Now Jana, chatting to fellow writer and sexpert Nadia Bokody, who came out as gay earlier this year, has made a startling comment.

Since coming out, Nadia has been bombarded by messages from women admitting to being attracted to the same sex, prompting her to come up with this theory.

“I tend to think, and a lot of the research tends to indicate, pretty much all women are at least a little bit gay,” she told Jana.

Jana agreed, saying that she had read somewhere that women should “get boozy with your girlfriends and have an open chat about what you’ve done”.

“It’s made me think of three long lunches were the girls have been like, ‘oh my god my boyfriend got so upset because we were watching lesbian porn the other night’, or another girl was like, ‘oh yeah this girl pashed me at a music festival and I liked it, so I went along with it’,” Jana said.

Jana believes women “sit a lot more on the spectrum”, with Nadia saying it was a topic rarely spoken about.

“There’s definitely a lot more women who identify probably publicly, outwardly as straight that are actually wanting to experiment than I think we really acknowledge or talk about,” Jana said.

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