Dad transforms his home into a stunning winter wonderland with The Range bargains – but people are divided
25th October 2020

A DAD has transformed his home into a stunning winter wonderland – but people are divided over the move.

Posting on Facebook, Scott Hinks showed off his sparkling hallway – which has been transformed with a £99 archway from The Range, artificial tree, Christmas lights, red baubles and gold bows.

The place looks absolutely magical, but some felt October was too early for the bold move.

In his post, Scott said: "So after deep cleaning the hallway today – thought why not. For all those saying it's too early – brought a smile to my family face."

Speaking to Fabulous, Scott said: "It's not going to be to everyone's taste but in the times we're in at the moment I say do whatever makes you happy.

"The response has been overwhelming and I'm glad it's made a few people smile.

"Still a few bits to add and then to tackle our main tree in the lounge."

The post racked up 7,000 likes and over a thousand comments, with some saying: "Little bit early for me."

But many raved over the transformation, writing: "Wow that's beautiful", "Stunning" and "I love it".

One woman said: "Thats incredible and brought such a smile to my face! Your hallway looks absolutely stunning and I hope you enjoy it every day".

While a second said: "Absolutely gorgeous, and yeah do what makes you happy cos it's been a terrible year and it's not going to get better any time soon".

And a third wrote: "Love it. Do what makes yo happy. If nothing else, 2020 has taught me that!"

Responding to all the impressed reactions, Scott said: "For all the positive comments thank you so much, I cant even reply quick enough.

"For all those saying it's to early and what about Haloween – we don't really celebrate Haloween personally but loving other peoples pictures sharing there Haloween snaps.

"More importantly it's been a rubbish year for most people so do what makes YOU happy.

"If this post has made anyone smile then that's my job done. I look forward to seeing EVERYONES trees".

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