Dad horrified the twin dolls he ordered for his baby have realistic penises and vaginas
31st December 2018

Taking to Facebook, Raynell Miller posted a photo of the boy and girl twins – revealing they had a penis and a vagina.

Smh so I bust open this box of twin dolls I ordered online for my baby and Lawd have mercy ? is this is what the world…

Uploading a photo, the American father said: “So I bust open this box of twin dolls I ordered online for my baby and Lawd have mercy.

“Is this is what the world comes too now? Making dolls with the actual private parts for children?

"When I purchased them, they came with various doll accessories to go with the dolls and the reviews didn’t mention about anything about the extra stuff so I guess I just thought they were child friendly.

“But silly me huh lol Smh I’m glad I examined them before she got a chance to play with it!!

“Granted, the girl doll would have been fine since she has that part but my lil girl ain’t ready to be playing with dolls who has their d**** out.”

The dad, from Florida, added they were returning the dolls, bought on Amazon.

The post has since gone viral and been shared more than 7,000 times, and racked up thousands of comments.

But people have questioned why he was so afraid of his child discovering the human body.

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One person said: “Oh no, my child could possibly gain an education due to these anatomically correct dolls, the HORROR."

Another wrote: “This is the problem, we think backwards…. It's OK to lie to them about Easter bunnies and Santa, but the human body we lie to them about, really?”

A third said: “It’s a toy that’s anatomically correct. If you aren’t ready to discuss this with your children then obviously you don’t need one.”

This person posted:  “I don’t get the problem real babies have body parts I think parents over think everything.”

Another person called the dolls a “teaching and learning experience”, why another asked why hide “what will eventually be discovered.”

Others also pointed that children likely see their parents naked, and if they have siblings they will also see other children naked too.

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