Cleaning pro shares ‘amazing’ product that leaves hobs sparkling – and it costs less than £1.40 an oven | The Sun
30th August 2023

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has shared the bargain item they use to keep hobs sparkling even after a messy cooking session. 

The budget product will only set you back £1.80 per oven clean and it makes cleaning your oven a breeze.

Libby from @thecleanupcompany shared her find in a TikTok video online.”

She said: “Oh my god I have found it finally after 10 years of cleaning right.”

The cleaning fan revealed she bought Easy-Off Oven Cleaner on Amazon. 

She said: “I ordered this off Amazon and it's the best thing ever bought, this 14 ounce tin cleaned 10 ovens today.”

Libby explained there was barely any elbow grease needed when using the product. 

She said: “So I sprayed it on and I let it sit for about half an hour while I cleaned the rest of the kitchen. Look how that is bringing the muck off.”

Libby said it’s better than Mr Muscle cleaner and other competitors because it works to be £1.40 per oven clean.

She said: “It's £14 a can but I've done the maths for the amount of ovens it's cleaned. It works out cheaper than buying you Mister Muscle cans.”

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Libby used the Easy-Off Oven Cleaner to clean both a oven hob and an oven door. 

She said: “I just had to show you this guys but look what it does to this oven door. I can't believe it go buy it now.”


One user said: “Easy off is absolutely brilliant.”

Another said: “I need this for the inside of my oven.”

“SATISFYING,” said a third.

Some cleaning fans were making their own suggestions in the comments. 

They suggested you could find similar products for cheaper in some budget stores. 

One user said: “I bought a cheap brand from B&M and cleans my oven just as good.

Another said: “Oven spray from Home Bargains is the best makes your oven look new.”

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