Cleaning mum says you’ve been washing your bedsheets all wrong – and buttoning them up is a must
28th May 2021

YOU MIGHT not give much thought to how you wash your bedsheets, but apparently there's a correct way – and you've probably been doing it wrong.

Cleaning-obsessed mum Mrs D shared a little-known hack on Instagram and said you should always be buttoning up your duvet cover before chucking it in the wash.

While this does take more time – doing them up just to undo it again when making the bed – there's a simple explanation for it.

Alongside a clip, she explained: "When putting my bedding in the washing machine I always button up the opening once I’ve removed the Duvet.

"This will stop your pillowcases and fitted sheet finding their way inside your duvet cover while in the washing machine."

She also offered another top tip when washing your sheets and suggested chucking your pillowcases and your fitted/flat in the tumble dryer BEFORE your duvet cover – not together.

"While your duvet cover is drying, you can start to make your bed up with the fitted/flat sheet and pillowcases," she said.

"By the time you have done this your duvet cover will be dry and ready to go back on your bed."

Some of her followers praised the clever tip and shared their thoughts in the comments.

"Oh that is a good idea," one person said. "My duvet always eats everything else."

Another agreed writing: "Omg this is such a good tip. Defo trying this."

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