Cleaning fanatic reveals how to get bathroom grout spotless in minutes – and loo cleaner is the secret
16th February 2021

A CLEANING fanatic has revealed the secret to removing mould from tiles in minutes – and the answer is loo cleaner.

The Australian mum raved about the product online saying she even used a natural brand which doesn't contain bleach.

She shared a clip in the Mums Who Clean Facebook group demonstrating just how easy it is to get her bathroom floor tiles clean.

She wrote: "Look at this beauty. I poured bathroom cleaner (eco, but Harpic also works) and let it act for 15 minutes, then [gave it] a quick brush.

While she used an Australian eco brand to get the job done, she says other bathroom cleaners work just as well.

The product of choice worked extremely well at removing the grubby dirt and mould and left a bright white finish.

She simply squirted the product onto the tiles and scrubbed away the unwanted dirt.

This goes to show that bleach isn't necessarily required, and that more natural options work just as well.

Others couldn't believe how well the toilet cleaner worked on the grout, with many vowing to try it themselves.

"I'm getting this!" one woman said. "Sad when you get excited over cleaners that make your life easier."

A second added: "'I know what I'm doing this weekend, I have a whole kitchen floor to do."

While a third recommended: "A larger grout brush would make that job a lot quicker and easier."

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