Cleaning expert reveals TikTok wall cleaning trend could do more harm than good – it can be life-threatening
7th August 2021

A RECENT hack has gone viral as people were using paint rollers to clean their walls after dipping them in water and disinfectant products.

However, a cleaning expert has revealed that this hack can be doing more harm than good.

After yet another TikTok user shared a video of themselves cleaning their walls with a wet paint roller, a professional cleaner of ten years slammed the trend.

"That's not cleaning. You're just rolling chemicals on the wall," he told the user.

"The proper way to clean walls is by hand with a cloth."

And after someone had admitted that it wasn't particularly to clean their walls, but to make the home smell better, he said: "That's still a waste because it will only smell nice when wet, not when it's dry."

A second cleaning expert chimed in and added: "That's not cleaning though – it's a paintbrush, it's depositing product and not cleaning."

And a third one added that this could be a fire hazard if done over and over again.

For example, laundry products such as scent beads are very hazardous and people are using them as aromatics.

The cleaning trend began a few days ago when user Tanya, who shares "home inspo" and "home hacks," demonstrated the seemingly harmless tip.

"Here's a hack that you wish you'd known sooner," she says in the TikTok clip. 

Then, using a paint roller, she mixed bicarbonate of soda with a generous amount of Fabulosa disinfectant before applying it to the walls.

The paint roller makes it super easy to do as you simply roll it over the entire area, so there's no scrubbing required whatsoever.

Despite this being a simple way to clean the walls, it just might not be good for your home.

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