Cleaning blogger sparks outrages by saying a VACUUM is the perfect Christmas present for women
22nd December 2018

Lynsey Crombie, aka The Queen of Clean, was chatting on Good Morning Britain when she made the controversial claim.

The 39-year-old, who has 95,000 followers on Instagram, sat down on the sofa to discuss the household appliance after a vote revealed people thought it was the worst gift to receive.

She said: “It's the perfect Christmas present.

“Especially with modern day life, we're all so busy we don't get to choose the right pieces of equipment for our home so we'll just grab something quick.

“You need to think about these purchases, they're quite high end now.

“It's a massive status symbol about what sort of vacuum you have in your kitchen.

“It's the dinner party conversation, it's not about the car on the drive.”

She called it an “amazing present”, but she was slammed by GMB’s guest, journalist Rebecca Reid, who asked if she was “joking”.

She said: “I’m sorry that is actually one of the most offensive things I’ve heard in a really long time.

“A hoover is a family necessity. To suggest that a woman should be getting a cleaning product for Christmas.”

But Lynsey continued to fight her corner, saying: “I do get excited about a vacuum and so many people do.

“I am getting messages from husbands at the moment saying ''I want to buy my wife a vacuum for Christmas, what shall I buy her?''.

“Imagine getting that top vacuum cleaner under your tree, just imagine the smile on your face on Christmas morning.”

Big Brother winner Josie Gibson agreed with Rebecca, saying she would be “insulted" to receive a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

She said: “If my chap gave me a hoover for Christmas there'd be two new balls on my Christmas tree that used to belong to him.

“They call it the dirty work, don't they? That's the housework, the dirty work.

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How often do you clean down the side of your sofa and take all the cushions off? . 1️⃣Once a month 2️⃣Once a week 3️⃣Once a year . Food and rubbish can get stuffed down sofa sides and surely this is a breeding ground for germs! . Eating on your sofa isn’t ideal, but I should imagine we all do it from time to time!!!! . Food particles, sticky finger marks and spilt drinks can all occur from enjoying a snack and a movie on your sofa. . . Vacuum your sofa a few times a week I am so lucky I have the @vorwerkuk and invest in a good upholstery or leather cleaner. . Take off cushion covers and wash these as often as you can and don’t forget my trusty trick of popping a tumble drier sheet inside to keep that fresh clean smell. . Puff up your cushions before bed. . Every so often give upholstered sofas a light steam. . . . . #sofa #sofacleaning #upholsterycleaning #fabric #leather #ad #vorwerk #cleaning #clean #snacking #queenofclean #cleanhome #tidylife #tidyhome #bacteria #germs #stickyfingers #motivationmonday #newweek #newgoals #positivity #cleanlife

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“Buy me an iron, a steam mop, a hoover, you may as well put marigolds and a dishcloth in my stocking.

“I think it's a real insult. It's meant to be a joyous present, you're meant to get excited about a present.”

The reaction was similar online, with people saying they’d be equally annoyed if they received a vacuum cleaner and hadn’t asked for one.

One person tweeted: “Yes the hoover is for the house not for me…”

Another replied: “Offended is too light a word.”



A third said: “No household appliance should be given to your spouse for Christmas.”

And this person agreed, saying: “I received hoover as a birthday present…Not impressed.”

But not everyone thought it was a bad idea – depending on if it was requested/

This person tweeted: “If they asked for a Hoover then I guess so…

“I personally wouldn’t buy a partner a Hoover, It’s a  house hold item not a personal present.”

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