Cheeky four-year-old dressed as an angel leaves his mum mortified after swearing at her during nativity play
15th December 2020

A MUM was mortified after her son, who was playing an angel in the school nativity play, started swearing at her from the stage.

Mary-Anne Campbell could only look on in horror as George Sznober, now five, stuck his middle finger up at her.

Mary-Anne, 27, claims her son, who was four at the time, copied the cheeky gesture she makes at her dad, Jason Campbell, 50.

The mum, a carer, captured the hilarious escapade on tape, and called her son a 'comedian'.

Mary-Anne, who was watching the Christmas play with her mum, Serena Campbell, 49,  said: "He was singing a song about two little shepherds then it went down to one little shepherd.

"He put two fingers up, which was to do with the song.

"Then when he got to one little shepherd he first used his index finger then slyly stuck his finger up on stage at me, he knew exactly what he was doing.

"He did that, not once but twice, after he saw us laughing. I just remember thinking 'oh my god'.

"When he stopped doing it he carried on singing and laughing. I didn't bring it up afterwards because I didn't want him to start doing it again.

"George is a bit of a comedian, if he thinks something's funny he'll carry on."

Luckily Mary-Anne, from Shropshire, reckons the teachers and other parents didn't notice George's antics, as the lad was very excitedly acting out the lyrics to the song, while wearing white wings and a halo.

Mary-Anne, who lives with landscape gardener partner Lee Sznober, 39, and their kids Jacob, 10, Mollie, seven, and seven-year-old Leo, explained the nativity was filmed last year.

She said: "He was in reception and he was very excited to be an angel in the nativity play.

"They had two nativities last year but parents could only go and watch one.

"He had stage fright and was a bit nervous and upset during the first show, he didn't really do anything or sing so I asked if I could go and watch the second one too.

"He was more into it during the second one and that's when he stuck his finger up.

"This year's different as there are no nativities.

"It's a bit sad because he probably would have been more into it and his role probably would have had a bit more to do.

"We'll have to wait until next year to see if there's a repeat performance."

She explained the swearing is something of a family joke, and has gone on for 'years'.

Mary-Anne said: "It's a fun family joke that when I pass my dad in the car I flash my headlights and I flip the bird.

"When we're driving in the car I'll go 'oh there's grandad' and all the fingers go up in the car.

"I've no idea how it started, it's been going on for years and years, the children just copy and join in. it sounds awful but that's just how it's gone.

"He knows not to do it to anybody else, it was just one of those moments, I don't think anybody else saw him."

Mary-Anne shared the video of George swearing with family friends, who all laughed, saying it was "good fun".

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