Bridezilla bans husband's kids from wedding party as £1,200 child support has 'hindered' lavish plans
20th November 2019

THESE days, it's pretty much a given that brides will ask any children in their immediate family to be flowergirls and pageboys on their big day.

However, one furious bride-to-be has spectacularly bucked this trend by BANNING her future step-kids from her wedding party as the monthly £1,200 child support payments has "hindered" her lavish plans.

Posting on a private wedding Facebook group, the anonymous American bride explained: "How would you explain to your (future) step child that they won't be in your wedding. I have four children of my own and my fiance has two with his ex."

Explaining how important it is for her children to have their time in the spotlight, the mum continued: "My ex (kids' father) died when they were very young and I spent a lot of time depressed and refusing to get out of bed. It was really that bad."

Arguing that her four children should be the only ones in the wedding party, she added: "My fiance was married to his ex and his kids were in their wedding so I feel like they've already gotten the 'experience'."

Instead, the bride plans to put her stepchildren to good use by getting them to "set up the reception hall and serve food".

Anticipating a backlash, she added: "I plan to have honorary seats for them in the first few rows of the ceremony. We also plan to buy all of their wedding attire and include them in some of the pictures (although they aren't a part of the actual wedding party."

But if that wasn't enough, the bride also claims that the £1,200 her future husband pays in child support every month has "hindered our ability to have the wedding we truly wanted to have."

She concluded: "I have let a lot of things I wanted go. So I feel justified in having what I CAN have my way."You okay, hun?

Needless to say, it didn't take long for the post to end up on Reddit's Wedding Shaming thread where users were horrified by her attitude.

One outraged user replied: "For me, the worst part is her blaming child support on not having the wedding they want. That money is what takes care for his children and is his responsibility.

"It is no different than the money she uses to cloth and feed her children. If she's going to make a fuss about child support than she should be fussing about having to care for her own children."

Another joked: "Someone is dooming her stepchildren to hate their evil stepmother straight off the bat."

A third wrote: "That's not how your spouse should treat your children. If he had a good relationship with them at all he wouldn't even have agreed to this to begin with. It's clear she does not like that he has kids already as well."

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