Bride-to-be rages after mother-in-law buys a 'white' ruffled gown to wear to her wedding

So one bride-to-be was left seething after her mother-in-law revealed she's bought an ivory coloured ruffled dress to watch her walk down the aisle in July.

Worse still, her husband-to-be's mum was there when she picked her dress, which also features a ruffle design.

Writing in a Facebook wedding shaming group, the incensed bride shared a photo of the Hayley Elizabeth dress her mother-in-law has chosen, asking: "Am I being totally out of order or is this too white?

"Like my dress has ruffles and she was there when I picked it and she has JUST sent me this."

In a WhatsApp exchange between the two women, the mother-in-law insists her dress is "silver grey" as opposed to white, but admits it looks white in the picture.

Clearly distressed, the bride-to-be writes: "Okay honestly it looks really white, I don't want to be that girl/crazy bride but I'd love it if it wasn't so white!"

To the mother-in-law's credit, she replies: "I don't want to upset you. I'm panicking now," adding that it's "definitely silver grey" and she hopes it "doesn't photograph white".

But fellow members of the Facebook group are sympathetic to the bride's predicament, admitting they too would be cross if their mother-in-law had picked that dress.

One wrote: "Too bridal for sure," while another chimed: "I think if she wants to wear that specific dress then fine, but she's going to have to pick another colour."

The bride, happy that the comments had "solidified what she already knew," then returned with an update, revealing her fiance is "going to be having some words".

She added: "Also I did say it was beautiful but it looks very white, and if it looks this white here, it will definitely photograph white."

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