Bride slammed for her see-through wedding dress – but people say the bridesmaids’ gowns are even worse | The Sun
22nd June 2023

A BRIDE was slammed online for her choice of wedding dress – but others said that it was miles better than what had been chosen for the bridesmaids.

The woman was criticized for her see-through gown when bridal designer, Oksana Mukha, shared a video from her nuptials on social media.

In the Instagram Reel that went on to go viral, the bride called Laura is seen wearing a white gown that has sheer panels going down the sides so you can see her bare skin.

Other parts of the fashion piece are also transparent, with only minor bits of fabric covering her modesty.

The clip features the bride's grand reveal to her bridal party just before she walked down the aisle.

Her loved ones all fawn over her gown – but that's not what had people talking.

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Several of the bridesmaids were seen dressed in satin mint green dresses, but two of them can be seen wearing different gowns for the occasion.

The two standout women are also dressed in mint green – but the entire dress is sheer from head to toe.

The sheer fabric is completely unlined, leaving very little to the imagination.

As for undergarments, they each appear to be wearing just a pair of large, high-waisted mint green granny panties, which are on full display.

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The bride's dress style is not as see-through as the two bridesmaids because she has a very light champagne lining under the dress.

The dress choices sparked plenty of snarky comments after it was posted to a private Facebook group, where users jested over whether or not the fashion was appropriate for the event.

The post read: "I don't know what's worse, whatever's going on with the two bridesmaids or whatever's going on with the bride."

Much of the online chatter about the dresses settled on the notion that the bride's gown wasn't as inappropriate as the two bridesmaids and was tastefully done.

"The bridesmaids' 2 dresses are just plain weird but the bride's dress is gorgeous I love it," one viewer commented on the Instagram video.

The comments on the Facebook post ranged from statements about which dresses were worse to questions about why the two bridesmaid dresses were different from the rest.

"If one of my friends told me I had to wear granny panties and a see-through dress at her wedding in order to be in the bridal party, I would no longer be in the bridal party," one person commented on the wedding post.

"The bridesmaids are worse. Why are they dressed differently to the others anyway?" one viewer commented on the post.

"The other bridesmaids' dresses are so pretty. Why did those two get done so dirty," another inquired.

On the original Instagram post, too, one commenter wrote: "The diaper bridesmaid dresses are quite… uh… different."

However, on the bride's Instagram video viewers showed their support for her and her wedding party's attire.

"Why is everyone so negative, it's her wedding not yours," a frustrated person wrote.

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Another supporter added: "Its her day and she can wear what she wants! No different than wearing a bathing suit out in public. You go girl!!"

"I wonder if those two are both the maid of honor?? and thats why they’re different??? i mean they look much more ridiculous than the other bridesmaids but maybe its so they stand out?? idk." another wrote.

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