Boohoo fans divided as a salami dress goes on sale – some say it’s gross & others call it Lady Gaga's iconic outfit | The Sun
26th April 2023

STYLE enthusiasts were left mortified after Boohoo added a new dress to their collection which many reckoned resembled the iconic Lady Gaga outfit from 2010.

The fast fashion giant Boohoo has long been known for its eye-catching designs – and it seems that this time the UK-based brand hasn't failed to lack creativity either.

The retailer, which now also offers a dupe for the must-have Dr. Martens strappy sandals, went viral earlier this month after sharing a snippet of one of their latest garments.

The piece of clothing in question was a figure-hugging maxi dress with a wet-effect print in fiery orange.

According to Boohoo website, the mesh dress, which is currently on sale for £25.20, comes in sizes 14, 16, and 18.

Trendy style lovers can either dress it up with a pair of heels or opt for a more casual look and rock the garment with trainers or Converse.

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But whilst Boohoo may be convinced the maxi dress will be a hit amongst those breathing fashion, the reaction on social media was slightly different.

Those who had seen the now-viral video on TikTok insisted the tight garment had a rather meat-like appearance.

One mortified person reckoned the print made it look like ''salami''.

Meanwhile, someone else chuckled: ''This reminds me of the meat dress that lady gaga wore.''

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Others were quick to point out that Boohoo was attempting to copy the dress Maya Jama was wearing during Love Island final earlier this year.

''Not the Maya Jama dupe.''

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Someone else exclaimed in sheer horror: ''Have we learnt nothing from the leggings with printed denim.''

''LOOKS LIKE S**T,'' another TikTok user wasn't particularly amazed by the garment.

Speaking of fashion fails, one woman was mortified after realising just how inappropriate her new Shein dress looked.

Looking to replenish her wardrobe with some goodies, the plus size fashion lover and make-up enthusiast, Kay J., from the US, decided to have a little scroll on Shein.

There, amongst thousands of garments, she stumbled across one that caught her attention – a sexy bodycon midi dress with a 3D print of a naked woman.

At just over a tenner, the black and white bargain seemed to be too good to sleep on, and Kay immediately bagged it.

The shopper couldn't have been any more excited to see what it looked like – but upon trying it on, she was mortified and took to TikTok to share the hilarious fail.

Posing in the new outfit and a pair of black sunnies, Kay said: ''So I'm upset… because I thought thought this dress was going to be really cute

''What is this? Is this supposed to look like I'm covered in body hair or what?

''Because this is giving pubes,'' the unhappy shopper said in the clip.

''I don't even wanna show y'all the back – the back look like a hairy booty.

''If you have this dress, stich this video cause I wanna know what's going on.''

Since uploading the video just two days ago, the video has taken the internet by storm, racking up more than 2.7million views, and leaving social media users in stitches.

One chuckled: ''Girlllll just wear it for Halloween and call it a day.''

Another eagle eyed person pointed out: ''It even came with a bellybutton [laughing emoji].''

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Someone else penned: ''When she turned around I died I thought she was being dramatic.''

''Girl the back took me out they know they wrong for that!'' a fourth added.

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